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What is a Home Health Aide or HHA

Home health aides are really cool helpers who work in people's homes to give them the care and support they need. These helpers work under a doctor or nurse to take care of people who can't do everything on their own. They help people who are sick, hurt, disabled, or old.

Home health aides do all sorts of things to help their clients. They help them with things like taking a bath, getting dressed, and using the bathroom. They also help them walk around and exercise. Home health aides keep track of important things like their client's temperature and give them medicine when they need it. They're also there to keep people company and make them feel happy.

Home health aides also help out around the house. They make meals, clean up, and wash clothes. They want to make sure their client's living space is clean and safe.

Home health aides help lots of different kinds of people. They work with seniors, people who are hurt or sick, or people who can't move around very well. They work with home healthcare companies or might work on their own. They work full-time, but sometimes they work part-time or have more flexible hours.

To be a home health aide, you need to take a training course and pass a test. The training course teaches you how to take care of people, keep them safe, and communicate well.

Home health aides are amazing people who help others. They help their clients stay happy, healthy, and independent. They're important members of the healthcare team and make a huge difference in people's lives.

Take a look at what a HHA looks like:

Ready to enroll:

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