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What is a Behavioral Health Tech or BHT?

Behavioral health technicians are super important helpers in the mental healthcare field. They make sure people with mental health issues get the care and support they need. These helpers work with doctors and other professionals to give patients the best care possible.

Behavioral health technicians do lots of different things. They keep an eye on patients and write down what they see. They help give people medicine and do fun activities in groups. They also help people with things like washing up, getting dressed, and eating.

A big part of a behavioral health technician's job is making sure patients feel safe and happy. They work with other healthcare pros to make plans and keep things structured. They also help teach people how to deal with tough feelings and handle their symptoms.

You can find behavioral health technicians in all sorts of places. They might work in hospitals, homes where people stay for treatment, clinics, or private practices. They work full-time and might work on weekends or holidays, too, so patients always have someone to help them.

If you want to be a behavioral health technician, you'll need a high school degree or something similar. You'll also need some training or certificates for mental or behavioral health. It's also really important to have good communication skills and be kind and caring towards patients.

Overall, behavioral health technicians do a really important job. They help people with mental health issues get better, feel happier, and stay safe. They're friendly and caring helpers who work hard to make sure everyone gets the help they need.

See what a career as Behavioral tech could look like:

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