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a pile of medicinal pills and tablets set upon a table



The Med Tech certification course provides students with 6 hours of training regarding safe assistance to safely administer medications in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF).

The Med-Tech class at Ruby’s Academy for Health Occupations is taught by a Registered Nurse. Our curriculum focuses on the six rights of medication administration and the regulations surrounding prescription medications that include the following:

  • State law and rule requirements with respect to the supervision, assistance, administration, and management of medications in assisted living facilities;

  • Procedures and techniques for assisting the resident with self-administration of medication including how to read a prescription label;

  • Providing the right medications to the right resident;

  • Common medications;

  • The importance of taking medications as prescribed;

  • Recognition of side effects and adverse reactions and procedures to follow when residents appear to be experiencing side effects and adverse reactions;

  • Documentation and record keeping; and

  • Medication storage and disposal.

Training also includes demonstrations of proper techniques through hands on learning and practice exercises.

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