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Treat Yourself to an Education....

Whether you're just starting out in the medical profession or you're a long time proffesonal, we have something for you.


Refresh your skills, train for a promotion,  or train for a new role entirely. We've been helping our community for over 20 years and we're still just getting started.

Home Health Aide greeting a patient

About Ruby's Academy for Health Occupations

We are one of the leading private vocational school for health care professions.


With over 20 years of quality, career-oriented education for Practical Nursing, Medical Assistant, Home Health Aide and many more.


Our hands-on approach allows students to learn the fundamentals of providing daily health care to the sick and elderly, making them more prepared for the real world atmosphere they are working towards.

HHA, Medical Assistant, and Practical Nurse Programs

Master the skills to start a successful healthcare career

Home Health Aide caring helping with physica therapy
Practical Nurse taking lung sounds
Asian female nurse smiling


Here at Ruby's Academy for Health Occupations, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality education that prepares you for the real world and at a reasonable price. We offer training in HHA, CNA, and more in the Lauderhill and surrounding area.

Whether you're looking for a quick program like our Behaviour Tech or Home Health aide to try out the healthcare field, or you want to get started in a role with more responsibilities like Practical Nursing or Medical Assistant; we've been helping those in our community prepare for a life-changing career in healthcare for over 20 years.

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